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Shri Ram Setu Floating Stone (100% Certified Stone)

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||Jai Shree Ram||
(Inside Package- 1 Ram Setu Floating Stone X 1 Bowl X 1 Water Lotus)
  • Ramsetu Stone - : A Symbol of Timeless Love The Ramsetu Floating Stone, also known as the Ramsetu Stone or the Floating Stone, holds an ancient tale of love, faith, and devotion. Believed to be a part of the legendary Ramsetu bridge, it signifies the unwavering bond between Lord Rama and his beloved wife, Sita.
  • Ram Mandir Gift : - Embracing History and Faith The inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India. Commemorate this historic event with a meaningful gift that symbolizes the enduring values of devotion, harmony, and love.
  • Valentine Gift : - Expressing Love Beyond Words Valentine's Day, a celebration of love, calls for a gift that transcends material value—a token that encapsulates the depth of your feelings. Explore unique and heartfelt presents for your beloved, showcasing the essence of your affection.
  • Gift for Loved Ones : - Embrace Every Relationship From cherished family members to close friends, every relationship deserves acknowledgment and appreciation. Find a thoughtful gift that resonates with their interests, reflecting the love and gratitude you hold for them.
  • True Love Gift -: A Testament to Eternal Devotion True love surpasses time and boundaries. Seek a gift that mirrors the depth of your emotions, encapsulating the essence of your bond—a timeless token that echoes your unwavering commitment and affection.
  • Gift for Girlfriend/Boyfriend : - Celebrate Your Connection For your significant other, delve into gifts that encapsulate the essence of your relationship. Personalized, sentimental, or adventurous—choose a present that speaks volumes about your connection.
Country of Origin- India
Item Weight- 300 g
Net Quantity- 1.00 Pack

Shri Ram Setu Floating Stone (100% Certified Stone)
Shri Ram Setu Floating Stone (100% Certified Stone)

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