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Mosquito Guard™ [SPECIAL EDITION]

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A curtain has the ability to make or break the look of the room so while selecting one, it’s important to be aware of the theme you wish to go for your room.

Mosquito guard

Save money and enjoy a healthier environment reducing the use of air conditioning and mosquito chemical repellents nor fly killers that can be dangerous for pets or children.
Magic Mesh
No tools are required. Package includes: Screen door, a roll of hook & loop, and a pack of push pins. Clean door frame surface firstly to ensure long lasting. Then attach the screen mesh to the door frame with the nylon sticker. 
Magic mesh
A mesh you would love for it does. It has magnets sewn into the mesh which help in closing automatically and opening with a gentle touch. Pets and Toddlers can enter easily as well
insect killer
Ensure your Babies are from Mosquitoes Avoid Chances of Dengue and other Mosquito related virus. Let your child not get disturbed during his precious study, activity and sleep hours
safe child from mosquitos
 You can easily pass through without hands as it can open and close automatically. It also allows toddlers and pets to go through freely. You do not have to open and close the door a hundred times for them
Mosquito guard
Breathe life into your living space by surrounding yourself with pleasing colors, unique designs and functional items.
Magic mesh
 Unlike other screen doors that only have small strips every so often, our magnetic screen door has magnets that run along the entire length of the screen, and the Velcro-like strip to attach it to the door frame is also full frame

Mosquito net
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Mosquito Guard™ [SPECIAL EDITION] - CharmKart
Mosquito Guard™ [SPECIAL EDITION]

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