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Dino Ball Gun Target Game Toy for Kids

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Kid-Friendly: The Dino Sticky Target Game is made with kids in mind, ensuring safety and age-appropriate entertainment. It combines physical activity, imagination, and friendly competition for enjoyable playtime and gatherings.

Easy Setup and Portable: The game set is designed for easy setup and portability, perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Kids can start playing quickly and easily.

Entertaining and Engaging: With its dino theme and interactive gameplay, this game offers hours of fun for kids. They can compete with friends, challenge themselves, and enjoy the excitement of hitting targets and earning points.

Skill Development: This game helps kids improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and precision. It encourages focus, concentration, and aiming abilities as they aim for the targets with balls and darts.

Aim and Hit: The package comes with a target board that can easily be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface.

Launching Balls: Kids can use the included balls to aim and launch at the target board, testing their accuracy and aiming skills.

Throwing Darts: Along with the balls, there are six darts included. Children can take turns throwing them at the sticky target board, adding more challenge and variety to the game.

Dinosaur Adventure: This game brings the excitement of a dino-themed adventure, letting kids have fun while pretending to be their favorite heroes.

Package Contents:

1 x Dino Gun

6 x Balls

1 x Target (Random)

Dino Ball Gun Target Game Toy for Kids
Dino Ball Gun Target Game Toy for Kids

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